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Excelsa Energy
Your Energy Transition Partner

At Excelsa Energy, we rely on our extended experience in power generation and energy market. We focus on increasing your business profit margins by reducing energy waste and complying with environmental requirements. We make sure that you have the most optimized, cleanest and smartest energy generation solutions. It is our job to optimize and make a perfect from a normal process along with problem solving solutions when required.


Discover how Excelsa Energy can overcome some of your biggest challenges with rental and permanent hybrid, fossil fuels or renewables power plant engineering.


Excelsa Energy implements cost saving energy efficiency solutions customized to your environmental and industry demands for new and existing heat and power generation solutions.


Excelsa offers accurate feasibility studies which cover all aspects of your energy requirements to reduce investment risks for renewable, hybrid and fossil heat and power generation solutions.


Learn how Excelsa Energy can support you in procurement as a strategic opportunity for process improvement and cost savings. Excelsa Energy selects the heat and power generation equipment by identifying the true demands and the best demonstrated practices in the market and industry.


Excelsa Energy helps you to identify, procure, customize, combine and install the best emissions reduction solutions matching your environmental target level. This can be applied to the pre-combustion, the post-combustion process or to both.


Excelsa Energy offers the possibility to invest in renewable equipment for your projects. Are you in an industry with permanent or rental power generation demand and looking for more esustainable solutions? Discover the possibilities with Excelsa Energy.


We have brought our years of experience from challenging energy generation projects with actual technical and financial lessons learned of different technologies, products and suppliers to Excelsa Energy to share it with clients who are looking for professional energy and power generation advice. Our unique expertise of combining engineering principles and new technologies with commercial skills and practical experiences gives us a great insight into cost-effective alternatives and enables us to choose the most matching and effective solutions.
From analysis of total energy consumption, comprehensive energy reduction solutions, procurement and implementing the proposed products and solutions, monitoring energy consumption to investment in your renewable solutions , we have you covered.